Workforce Management

Contract Labour

Contract Labour and Services

Manage your contracted labour without direct supervision and control through Saralweb's cloud based solution. The solution allows principal employers to manage the contracted labour in accordance to Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970.

The solution, introduces automation in contract labour management and has been designed to help customers fulfil principal employer's responsibilities.

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Provide automatically generated beat plan to your sales staff. Targeting maximum sales output with minimum travel requirements, the solution automatically schedules monthly meetings, provide GPS based directions to customer locations and allow decision makers to analyse sales performance.

Available through mobile application, the solution automates sales staff scheduling requirements.

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Video Surveillance

Saralweb's Video surveillance solution uses face detection to automatically mark employees' attendance; helping organisations in establishing centralised surveillance centres instead of distributed surveillance centres.

The solution, capable of working at locations without electricity, ensures constant live feed irrespective of distance and helps decision makers with surveillance of remote locations also.

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