Video Surveillance

Video cameras are commonly used for monitoring activities of a specific location. Saralweb’s Video Surveillance solution, adds to the definition of video surveillance from just being the remote eyes for security to event registering devices.

The video feed is analysed to create a centralised database such as attendance of employees entering through the gate and last known location of an employee at any given point of time.


The solution comprises of following:

  • Automatic attendance marking through face recognition
  • Cross country coverage across large distance
  • 7 x 24 solar powered camera device
  • Camera footage for surveillance
  • Self powered individual units
  • Dedicated internet for each device ensuring smooth streaming
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Live streaming on mobile application and website

Along with the usual video surveillance benefits such as theft deterrence and remote monitoring, Saralweb’s video surveillance solution delivers the following benefits:

  1. Automatic attendance marking
  2. Man-hour confirmation
  3. Uninterrupted video feeds
  4. Centralised database