Code on Social Security, 2020

The Code on Social Security,2020 is one of the four codes, introduced to replace the the existing labour laws in India. The Code has recieved president's assent on 28th September,2020, but the date of implementation is yet to be notified..

The Code,2020 amalgamates 9 existing labour acts namely:

  1. The Employees' Compensation Act,1923
  2. The Employees' State Insurance Act,1948
  3. The Employees' Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952
  4. The Employment Exchanges (Compulsary Notification of Vacancies) Act, 1959
  5. The Maternity Benefit Act,1961
  6. The Payment of Gratuity Act,1972
  7. The Cine Welfare Fund Act,1982
  8. The Building and Other Construction Worker Welfares Cess Act,1996
  9. The Unorganised Worker's Social Security Act,2008

The states are releasing the draft of Code on Social Security,2020, applicable in the respective areas and the release status is

State/UT Draft status

S.No State Status Available at
1 Andaman and Nicobar Draft Awaited
2 Andhra Pradesh Draft Awaited
3 Arunachal Pradesh Draft Awaited
4 Assam Released on 20th October 2021 Assam Social Security rules, 2021
5 Bihar Released on 18th Feburary 2021 Bihar Code on Social Security
6 Central Released on 2nd August 2019 The Code on Social Security
7 Chandigarh Released Code on Social Security (Chandigarh)
8 Chhattisgarh Released on 27th May 2021 Chhattisgarh Code on Social Security
9 Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu Draft Awaited
10 DelhiDraft Awaited
11 Goa Released on 25th November 2021 The Goa Social Security Rules
12 Gujarat Released on 16th November 2021 Code on Social Security Gujarat
13 Haryana Released on 16th September 2021 Code on Social Security Haryana
14 Himachal Pradesh Released on 17th July 2021 Code on Wages Himachal Pradesh
15 Jammu and Kashmir Released on 15th January 2021 Code on Social Security (Jammu and Kashmir) Rules
16 Jharkhand Released on 4th August 2021 Code on Social Security (Jharkhand) Rules
17 Karnataka Released on 4th April 2022 Code on Social Security (Karnataka)
18 Kerala Released on 5th December 2021 Kerala Social Security Rules
19 Ladakh Released on 1st June 2022 Code on Social Security (Ladakh) Rules
20 Lakshadweep Draft Awaited
21 Madhya Pradesh Released on 1st March 2021 Madhya Pradesh Social Security Rules
22 Maharashtra Released on 27th August 2021 Maharashtra Code on Social Security Rules
23 Manipur Released on 19th November 2021 Code on Social Security (Manipur)
24 Meghalaya Draft Awaited
25 Mizoram Draft Awaited
26 Nagaland Draft Awaited
27 Odisha Released on 8th June 2021 Odisha Code on Social Security Rules
28 Puducherry Released on 18th March 2022 Puducherry Code on Social Security Rules 2022
29 Punjab Released on 25th March 2021 Code on Social Security (Punjab) Rules
30 Rajasthan Draft Awaited
31 Sikkim Draft Awaited
32 Tamil Nadu Draft Awaited
33 Telangana Released on 28th January 2022 Code on Social Security (Telangana) Rules
34 Tripura Released on 24th September 2021 Tripura Code on Social Security Rules
35 Uttar Pradesh Released on 25th Feburary 2021 Uttar Pradesh Code on Social Security Rules
36 Uttarakhand Released on 25th Feburary 2021 Uttarakhand Code on Social Security
37 West Bengal Draft Awaited

After the implementation, the principal employer will have to maintain/submit the following reports under the code

Form No Name Rule Submission By
Form I Appeal Rule 14(2)(a) Employee / Establishment
Form II Receipt Slip Rule 14(2)(c) Registering Authority
Form III Nomination/Fresh Nomination/Modification of Nomination Rule 34(1)(2)(3) and (4)
Form IV Application of Gratuity by an Employee/Nominee/Legail Heir Rule 35(1) Employee
Form V Notice of Payment/ Rejecting claim of Gratuity Rule 35(2) Registering Authority
Form VI Application for Direction Before the Competent Authority Rule 35(4) Employee
Form VII Notice for Appearance before the Competent Authority/Summon Rule 35(5) and (8) Registering Authority
Form VIII Notice of payment of gratuity as determined by competent/ appellate authority Rule 35(11) and (12) Registering Authority
Form IX Application for recovery of Gratuity Rule 35(13) Employee
Form X Certificate of Medical Officer/Medical Practitioner for confinement/miscarriage/ Medical termination of pregnancy or tubectomy operation/ delivery of a child/adoption of child Rule 31(1)(a) and (d) Employee
Form XI Notice of Claim for Maternity Benefit and Payment thereof Rule 37(2)(a) and (c) Employee
Form XII Compliant to the Inspector-cum-facilitator Rule 41(1)(a)
Form XIII Appeal Rule 40(2) and 41(2)(b)
Form XIV Abstract for the Maternity Benefit, and the rule Rule 42(4)
Form XV Information for Commencement or Modification in respect of Building or Other Construction work Rule 43(1)(a) and (b) Employer
Form XVI Format for Self- assessment of Cess for Building or other construction Work Rule 43(2)(b) Employer
Form XVII Notice for Stoppage or reduction of building or other construction work Rule 43(2)(3)
Form XVIII Return on completion of building or other construction work Rule 43(2)(f) and 43(4)(a)&(c) Employer
Form XIX Proforma for Appeal before the Appellate Authority against Order of Assessment or Order Imposing Penalty Rule 46(1) and section 105
Form XX Format for Self- assessment of contribution by Aggregators of gig workers and platform workers Rule 53(1)
Form XXI Format for return to be submitted by Aggregator’s of gig workers and platform workers Rule 51(3)(b) and (c)
Form XXII Register of Women Employees Rule 55(1)(a)
Form XXIII Unified Annual Return Rule 55(3)(a) Establishment
Form XXIV Notice to the Employer who committed an offence for the first time for compounding of offence under sub- section (1) of section 138 Rule 56(1) Establishment
Form XXV Form for reporting vacancies to career centers Rule 58(3)(b) Establishment
Form XXV Form EIR Rule 58(6) Establishment

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