About us

Saralweb enables manned guarding and facility management service providers to deliver technology enhanced solutions. The solution delivering ETC experience is built upon cloud based mobile ERP system. The ERP is easy to use, and built upon world class cloud infrastructure. Saralweb takes pride in streamlining processes, digitizing the organization, resulting in enhanced performance in day to day operations & increased revenues. 

In addition, Saralweb helps businesses comply with the mandatory legal obligations such as Private Security Agencies Regulation Act,2005 (PSARA), EPF, and ESI in an automated manner. 

The solution has been developed with extensive industry research, followed by testing and validation against feedback at multiple stages.

Company information

The Saralweb brand is owned by TA Netgables Pvt. Ltd (India),a wholly owned subsidiary of Netgables Inc. (Redmond WA, USA) founded by Kaviraj Singh and Taran Arora in 2008. Early investors include Paul Maritz, a renowned technologist rated as one of the 50 most powerful people in enterprise technology by Business Insider in 2012, and Rahul Bhasin of Barings Private Equity Partners India.

Netgables was founded with the aim to provide internet based solutions to organisations in India and the US. The company has its research and development centers in the US and India.




Mr.Kaviraj Singh

Managing Director

Mr.Kaviraj Singh is the Managing Director of TA Netgables Pvt. Ltd, and leader of the SARALWEB team: a tightly knit development centred organisation.

He has been working on Saralweb since 2007. Before Saralweb, he worked upon a variety of products and assignments in Microsoft Corporation, USA, working closely with senior leadership and product development team.

Mr. Singh did his Bachelor of Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology,Delhi, (IIT-D ); Post Graduate Diploma in Management from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A); and Masters in Computer Science from the University of Washington (UW), Seattle, WA, USA. Mr. Singh is a technologist by inclination and experience. His working experience of 25+ years spans significant projects which include: defining enterprise requirements for Windows NT 4.0, developing an expression language and editor to allow easy configuration of business processes, and an animations centred graphical data visualisation tool.