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You can download the minimum wages through Download Minimum Wages

S.No State/U.T Last Updated on Saralweb
1 Andaman and Nicobar Islands Nov/21
2 Andhra Pradesh Nov/21
3 Arunachal Pradesh Nov/21
4 Assam Nov/21
5 Bihar Nov/21
6 Chandigarh Nov/21
7 Chattisgarh Nov/21
8 Dadra & Nagar Havelli and Daman & Diu Nov/21
9 Delhi Nov/21
10 Goa Nov/21
11 Gujarat Nov/21
12 Haryana Nov/21
13 Himachal Pradesh Nov/21
14 Jammu and Kashmir Nov/21
15 Jharkhand Nov/21
16 Karnataka Nov/21
17 Kerala Nov/21
18 Ladakh Nov/21
19 Lakshadweep Nov/21
20 Madhya Pradesh Nov/21
21 Maharashtra Nov/21
22 Manipur Nov/21
23 Meghalya Nov/21
24 Mizoram Nov/21
25 Nagaland Nov/21
26 Odisha Nov/21
27 Puducherry Nov/21
28 Punjab Nov/21
29 Rajasthan Nov/21
30 Sikkim Nov/21
31 Tamil Nadu Nov/21
32 Telangana Nov/21
33 Tripura Nov/21
34 Uttar Pradesh Nov/21
35 Uttrakhand Nov/21
36 West Bengal Nov/21

Minimum Wages Data

India uses a complex method of setting minimum wages that defines nearly 2,000 different types of jobs for unskilled workers and over 400 categories of employment, with a minimum daily wage for each type of job. The monthly minimum wage calculation includes the variable dearness allowance (VDA) component, which accounts for inflationary trends, that is, the increase or decrease in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), and where applicable, the house rent allowance (HRA).

The calculation of the minimum wage factors in the skill-level of the worker and the nature of their work. Broadly, workers in India are categorized as unskilled, semi-skilled, skilled, and highly skilled.