Starting with WFM-C

For a Contractor

If you are a contractor providing services to customers, then you should follow the workflow as described below to start working:

  1. After Signing up, setup your Business profile.

  2. Once your business profile has been created, create your offerings in Products folder, available in HRM container.

  3. Once your products have been defined, recruit employees through Recruitment folder. The recruited record are considered as your employees once you have approved them.

  4. After recruiting an employee, you are expected to define their salary structure. You can define the salary structure through Salary Structure Group Folder.

  5. Enter Principal Employer’s information in Partners folder.

  6. Create a contract which will define the working terms between you and your customer organization through Contract Folder in CRM container.

  7. Allocate Employees to the contract and mark their daily attendance as per the allocation.

  8. The employee payslips, invoices and statutory reports will be automatically generated, based upon the daily attendance. Export Reports and share it with your customers.

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