An employee folder is used to create records of the employees who are already on organization’s payroll.

Creating an employee

To create an employee please follow the steps below

  1. In HRM container, go to Employees Folder

  2. In Employees Folder, click on “Actions” and select on “New Employee”.

  3. A New Employee Details window will pop up on the screen.

  4. Fill in all the details. Please note that fields with “*” are mandatory Fields.

  5. Click on Save

While creating an employee you are requested to fill in all the fields according to the information below:

Mandatory Fields for creating a recruitment record

The following fields are mandatory and you’re requested to fill at least the following in order to successfully create a designation/product.

  • Login Name: This is a part of login credentials that are required for the user to login. You are requested to fill in the user name you want to set for the employee.

  • Employee Name: Please fill in the applicant’s name in this field.

  • Gender: Please select the applicant’s gender from the dropdown menu.

  • Nationality: It refers to the country the applicant belongs to, kindly select the country from the drop down menu.

  • Birth Date: Kindly fill in the applicant’s birthdate using the calendar view.

  • Mobile: Fill in the applicant’s mobile number. This mobile number may be used for communications done through Saralweb.

  • Address: Fill in the current address of applicant.

  • City: Kindly fill in the city of residence of applicant.

  • State/Union Territory: Select the state of applicant’s residence using the drop down menu.

  • Qualification: Please select the applicant’s highest qualification using the drop down menu.

  • Martial Status: Please select applicant’s martial status from the drop down menu.

  • Designation: Please select the designation for which the applicant has applied for. The available options are created using the product folder in the ‘HRM’_ container.

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