Once you have marke the attendance of all the employees, for the month, you can generate their pay-slips.

Generating Payslips

To generate the payslips, for a specific contract, please follow the steps below

  1. In the CRM container, in contracts folder, select the contract for which you want to generate payslip for.

  2. A contracts edit window will pop up on the screen.

  3. In the menu bar on the window, select “Go To”.

  4. Click on “Generate Payslips”

  5. Fill in the all the details. Please note that fields with “*” are mandatory ‘Fields’_.

  6. Click on generate.

Mandatory Fields for generating pay-slips

  • Month: Select the month for which the pay-slips have to be generated.

  • Year: The year in which the month for desired payslips is.

  • Contract Id: The contract id for which the payslips have to be generated. This would be pre-filled with the contract Id of the contract which was selected earlier.

Second Method for generating Payslips

Apart from the method above you can generate payslips through below mentioned steps also. Please note that this method is preferred when an employee has worked across various contracts.

  1. Go to Payslips folder in HRM container.

  2. Click on “Actions” and select “Generate Payroll”.

  3. Generate Payroll Details window will pop up on your screen.

  4. Select the Month, Year and Employee details of the employee for whom you want to generate payslip for.

  5. If you wish to generate their payslip for any specific contract, then fill in the respective contract id.

  6. Click on “Generate”