A location record is to be created for our organisation as well as principal employer’s organisation. The location record consists of information such as applicable shifts, GSTIN and address. This record is further picked up while creating the partner record.

Creating a Location

To create a location, please follow the steps below

  1. In CRM container, go to Locations Folder

  2. In Locations Folder, click on “Actions” and select on “New Locations”

  3. A New Location’s Details window will pop up on the screen

  4. Fill in the details. Please note that the fields marked with “*” are mandatory.

  5. Click on Save

Mandatory Fields for Location record

  • Name: Name of the organisation for which the location is being created

  • Address: Complete address of the organisation at the specific location

  • City: City in which the organisation is established

  • State/Union Territory: The state is which the respective location falls under

  • Shifts: The shifts being practised at the location

  • Head-Office: In case the location record is being created for the organisation’s Head quarters, please turn the switch on.

  • GSTIN: Though not mandatory, but it is adviced that you must enter the location’s GSTIN. Filling the number would ensure it’s availablity to be picked wherever this location is applied.

Adding Shift records

To add the shift record to the created location, follow the below mentioned steps

  1. Click on the “+” sign in front of the Shifts

  2. Enter the Shift name, in-time and out-time.

  3. If you wish to add multiple records, click on the “+” sign.



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