Contract Labour and Services

Contract labour management is a challenge faced by every Human Resource (HR) professional. Contract labour not only carries principal employer liability but also daunts the principal employer with fear of forced absorption. Saralweb’s Work Force Management (WFM) implements automated procedurees for contractors to help structure their relationship principal employer.


The WFM Contract Labour and Services solution comprises of:

  • Contracts defining relationship between principal employer and contractor
  • Manpower allocation by contractor
  • Attendance against allocated manpower maintained by contractor
  • Attendance verification by principal employer
  • Automatic invoice generation, based upon marked attendance
  • Automatic payslip generation for manpower, managed by contactor
  • Automatically generated statutory compliance reports such as EPF, ESI and state compliance reports.

Saralweb’s WFM Contract Labour and Services delivers following benefits to organisations:

  1. Principal employer liability mitigation
  2. Minimise manual audit expenses on verification of attendance and compliance documents
  3. Consistenlty manage various contracts such as service contracts, maintenance contracts, and annual labour contracts
  4. Transparent boarding practises for contractors