Workforce Management

for Labour Suppliers and their Principal Employers

Track the latest updates on OSH,2020 Code by state

Lookup minimum wages by designation, districts and zones

Designed grounds-up for Indian labour law and operating environment.

Unified Dashboard

Cost and compliance dashboard delivering important information for crucial metrics for comparison and analysis.


Payroll Automation

Automated calculation of employees' salary,allowance, contributions, deductions, loans and arrears resulting in error less payslips


Contract Management

Multiple vendor's and customer's scope of work, timelines, obligations and deliverables defined at a single platform resulting in ease of work


Mitigation of direct supervision and defined employee deliverables boosting organisational productivity and optimum resource utilization


Minimise attendance collection efforts and paperwork by integrating attendance from various sources forming the basis of accurate employee payroll



Complete process automation for reduced errors and increased productivity


Exportable compliance reports for employer and labour contractor to verify labour law adherence


Centralized cost and compliance dashboard covering all locations and customers.


Principal employers can work with any number of labour providers.

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